Utah Great Forest the Uintah Mountains

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  • Duration: 10 Hours
  • Location: Las Vegas , NV
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Enjoy a ride through the majestic Uintah mountains. Watch for a variety of animal life such as Moose, black bear, and mule deer. Ride through the depths of the Rocky Mountains and enjoy the lush pine and Alpine forests. There are two separate tours that you can take. The first is the Mirror Lake Loop. The second tour is the Moon Lake Loop. 

The Mirror Lake Loop crosses over the Provo River Falls as well as several old glacier lakes. Using the Mirror Lake Scenic Byway, we visit the Mirror Lake Campground at an elevation of 10,400 feet. There are numerous well-maintained hiking trails in the campground that go around the lake. The Scenic Byway cuts through the Uinta Mountains, which are known for their abundant recreational opportunities and natural beauty. 

Mirror Lake is situated at the base of the 11,943-foot Bald Mountain. The campground rests among a forest of white forest trees, which provide partial shade during the warm summer months. During this time the forest displays an array of colorful summer wildflowers that dot the landscape. Summer temps range from 65 - 75 (18.3C – 23.9C) during the day to 40-50 (4.4C – 10C) at night.  

Next, we visit Black Forks Ghost Town, one of the best-preserved ghost towns in Utah. This ghost town is significant due to its history.  Black Forks began in the 1870s as a mountain man trading post.  Later it became a functioning logging town, supplying labor to the railroad, after which, it was abandoned sometime in the 1930s.

Finally, we end our trip at Fort Bridger State Historic Site at the Wyoming State line. This historic site maintains and interprets historic structures and remnants from its 5 eras of occupation.  These include: 

  • Mountain Men 
  • Mormans
  • Military
  • Motel
  • Museum

There were a lot of trails that came through Fort Bridger including the Oregon Trail, California Trail, Mormon Pioneer Trail, Pony Express Trail, Overland Trail, Cherokee Trail, and Lincoln Highway. The Fort is not far off the interstate and is a great place to stop, relax, and learn a little history. 

This is a one-day trip with lunch provided. 

The Moon Lake Loop takes you through a lot of beautiful scenery across the Uinta Mountains and Dinosaur Country. We go to Moon Lake Campground, which is located on the southern slope of the 13,000-foot-tall Uinta Mountains. Visitors come here to see unique landscapes along the 2-mile-long shores. The crisp mountain air is a refreshing change from the staggering summer heat in the desert below the Uintahs. Numerous types of wildflowers grow here, and the landscape is covered in various flower and plant life. This beautiful oasis is also dotted with different trees such as Douglas Fir, Lodgepole Pine, and the simple Aspen that provide shade against the sun.

From the crystal-clear Moon Lake, we travel to Bullionville Ghost Town, where people still successfully pan for gold! In the 1880s, a cowboy/prospector named L.P. Dyer was looking for gold in the high Uintah’s. He found a little but ended up finding loads of copper. A lot of copper mines opened soon after, and Bullionville was established. Bullionville was a bustling mining town, and it prospered until the early 1900s when copper veins were played out. In the 1930s, the Civilian Conservation Corps gave the site another breath of life when they established a camp there. 

This is also a one-day trip with lunch provided. 

The road is usually not closed for the winter.